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How old are you &&& do you have a kik or something so we can talk and be friends and maybe even cuddle c;

asked by Anonymous

Im soon to be 17 darling! :)
And feel free to add me on snapchat: PascalKordon <3

- cutecuddling :3

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Add my personal snapchat and get in touch:PascalKordon- Cutecuddling xo &lt;3
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Add me on Snapchat: PascalKordon &lt;3
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Do guys like it when a girl talks dirty? And does weight matter, I'm really insecure about it, I feel like guys wouldn't like me if they saw what I looked like in a bikini, I weigh 120, I'm a strawberry blonde and I don't wear make up, ever. Oh and private chat?

asked by Anonymous

Dirty talking is way better than no talking. Just dont overexagerate it haha.

And the only time when looks is important is one night stands. So unless you plan to fuck someone random, stop feeling bad. If someone loves you, they will love you for the person you are, and then the looks come in second. Atleast thats how I feel :)

And feel free to add me on snapchat: Pascalkordon


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what's your favourite cuddling position ?

asked by Anonymous

My favorite is definitly the one where I lay on my back, and the girls rests her head on my chest/shoulder. I love that one!

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Do guys miss cuddling with someone as much as girls do?

asked by Anonymous

I can’t talk for all guys, but I certainly do. I love cuddling, shit….

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do you have a personal blog

asked by Anonymous

Yeah I do, its called http://imaginenocontrol.tumblr.com/

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Would scars from surgery be a turn off? I have two on my stomach and two down lower near my vag from surgery and I'm afraid it'll be a turn off when I take my shirt off.

asked by Anonymous

Oh honey…. as a guy, I can tell you this.
If a guy throws your away due to the lack of imperfection or because of your obsolete scars, then he is not worth it. I see scars & stretch marks as war injuries. 

We are always at war - whether its with ourselves or the society, so if you have scars from cutting, then that was your war, and now you have scars from the battle. If you have it from surgery, you needed to get something done, you had a war with whatever was removed - and simply: now you have scars.

Dont worry hun :)

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Mild sexual love blog ♥
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